instax WIDE Link Printer

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Like the entire FUJIFILM INSTAX line, the new Link WIDE printer is, most essentially, about one thing-fun. In a world where Instagram and Snapchat reign supreme, most images that we capture with our smartphones end up as fleeting, distant memories, lost in an infinite sea of digital. FUJIFILM has always bucked this trend with the INSTAX line, and this time, the company has managed to combine the power and convenience of your smartphones with the tactile and social experience of printing your own instant photos to share with your friends and family (an activity that most people younger than 30 today haven't yet had the opportunity to enjoy).

FUJIFILM INSTAX instant photo prints make great ice breakers, which in turn makes them perfect for all sorts of social situations. They're great for traveling, for kids on their way to college, and for get-togethers and reunions. Since you're not limited to printing photos shot on your smartphone with the INSTAX Link WIDE (these days, many newer camera models make it easy enough to beam photos wirelessly from your camera to your phone), it's also an excellent gift for professional and enthusiast photographers, such as wedding or travel shooters.

A big brother to the popular INSTAX Mini Link Smartphone Printer, the INSTAX Link WIDE uses the larger 3.9 x 2.4" INSTAX Wide film, rather than the 2.4 x 1.8" INSTAX Mini film, both of which come in color and monochromevarieties.