Fujifilm Sock Case instax mini

Regular price ₱190.00

Protect your instax mini LiPlay Instant Camera instax instax mini Link against bumps and scratches with this soft and flexible knitted sock pouch, specially made for your Instax LiPlay camera. This pouch will fit in most bags thanks to its lightweight and stretchable structure.

Key Features:

  • This knitted pouch is extra soft and features flexible cotton. It is made from Rayon and Polyester that protects your Instax camera from bumps and scratches.
  • It has an easy-to-access opening that lets you instantly grab your camera whenever you need to use it.
  • Convenient to use wherever you go. With its slim, lightweight, and stretchable material, you can easily put it in your bags and pouches.

Weight (about): 32 g
Size (about): 100mm width X 145mm in height X thickness 6mm